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A Creative Twist on Music Notation.

Hello fellow music enthusiasts!

I'm excited to share TuneType with you, a unique font that merges the world of music with typography.

Born from a desire to simplify songwriting, TuneType allows chords to effortlessly integrate with lyrics.

It's my way of contributing to the creative process of musicians like you.

The Heart of TuneType

Innovation in Notation — By embedding chord symbols directly within the lyrics, TuneType offers a new, intuitive way to notate music.

Simple Yet Effective — Type your lyrics and insert chords between backslashes; TuneType uses ligatures to seamlessly align them above the text, enhancing your creative flow effortlessly.

Universal Compatibility — Designed to function across multiple platforms, TuneType ensures your creative process is uninterrupted, no matter the tool.

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TuneType Playground

Ready to see TuneType in action? Start by typing in your lyrics and chords. For example, input:

\f\Yesterday, \em\all my \a7\troubles seemed so \dm\far away

And see how TuneType beautifully aligns the chords above the lyrics in real-time.

Click here to start

Resize the text box above, using the resize buttonresizeto see how TuneType keeps chords and lyrics perfectly aligned, even when wrapped.

Get Started with TuneType

Download a sample of TuneType to experience its magic in your music sheets. Compatible with various text editors and music notation software.

Download TuneType Font

Discover the Versatility of TuneType

Explore how TuneType breathes new life into popular fonts. I’ve infused TuneType’s innovative chord ligatures into 30 different Google Fonts. See the transformation and imagine the possibilities for your own projects.


Create Your Personalized TuneType Font

Have a favorite font for your chord sheets? Customize it with TuneType. Upload your font file, and our tool will embed chord ligatures, creating a personalized TuneType font for you.

Step 1

Upload Your Font

Start by uploading the font you love. This will be the base for your customized TuneType font.

Step 2

Choose Your Chords

Select the chords you want to include. We provide a default set of common chords, but you can customize this list to suit your needs.

Step 3

Upload a Chord Font (optional)

If you want, upload a different font to be used for the chord glyphs. If not provided, we'll use glyphs from your primary font.

Step 4

Adjust Chord Glyphs Position and Size

Fine-tune the appearance of your chords. Adjust the scale, and the X and Y offsets. These changes will apply to all chords.

Step 5

Preview Your Font

Try lyrics and chords in our playground to see TuneType in action.


Step 6

Download Your Font

Satisfied with your creation? Download your personalized TuneType font and start using it in your projects!